About Us

Combat to Kayaks was formed in October 2022 by a retired veteran that saw a need to help his community in ways that seldom people do. James set out on a mission to help all local veterans, law enforcement personnel, and Fire & EMS personnel in any way he could. He landed on helping them with some activities that he knows, loves himself, and activities that helped him. Fellowship, kayaking, fishing, and just time spent outdoors in general has a calming and soothing affect on many of us and really helps to just let us loosen up and let the worries of the day fade away. To date we have done 50+ group and private kayak trips that we affectionately refer to as "Hero Trips", on these trips we take these heroes that are so special to us out and go for an all expense paid kayaking and fishing trip. all they need to bring is themselves and a willingness to let loose and enjoy themselves. We plan to continue in this manner as long as we can doing as much good as we can along the way. 

We strive to give back to our community as much as we can, we join forces with many local businesses, and other non profit groups to help setup and operate fundraisers, benefits, and other public activities. All the while raising awareness to the troubles that we all face in daily life and the especially hard toll it takes on those heroes that we rely on daily to keep us safe and fight for our freedoms.